Mascot yellow round man, so Pikachu - MASFR25101 - Yuru-Chara Japanese mascots
  • -€59.00
Mascot yellow round man, so Pikachu
Yellow suit, and all yellow giant snowman round, Pikachu. This disguise, endearing and very...
€680.00 Regular price -€59.00 €739.00 Price
Pine green mascot, giant
With a broad smile, and his eyes, this costume giant green fir strongly mark the spirits. To...
€619.00 Price
Mascot lemur, small gray and white monkey - MASFR20873 - Mascots monkey
  • -€20.00
Mascot lemur, small gray and white...
Our site Spotsound specializing in events, offers this lemur disguise, small gray and white...
€599.00 Regular price -€20.00 €619.00 Price
Red & Yellow Eagle mascot with hat pirate - Costume party - MASFR00171 - Mascot of birds
  • -€29.00
Red & Yellow Eagle mascot with hat...
Mascot of Red Eagle with the pirate Hat specially provided in pen for a quality and extremely...
€540.00 Regular price -€29.00 €569.00 Price
Snowman mascot giant snow with a hat - MASFR21948 - Christmas mascots
  • -15%
Snowman mascot giant snow with a hat
Spotsound offers here this fun snowman mascot, all white, with a black top hat shape, and a...
€526.15 Regular price -15% €619.00 Price
Design Mascot (Sketch, BAT, idea ...) - Mascot Marketing - GOODIES1000 - Goodies
  • On sale!
  • -€31.00
Design Mascot (Sketch, BAT, idea ...)...
Create a mascot for your business will become a real pleasure ... We will all give life to a...
€169.00 Regular price -€31.00 €200.00 Price
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The mascots are amazing!

The mascots are amazing!

The mascots are amazing!

Have you ever seen a mascot in a mall or a fun fair? Have you ever seen children get excited when they stare at one of these simply magical and fairy-tale creatures? Joy in the air? There is something inexplicable that happens when a mascot enters a room. Why try to explain anything in words when we have the tools to make that magic happen? Some might be tempted to think that designing a mascot costume is simple, if not easy. It turns out that even some of the most skillful seamstresses would have a hard time doing such a thing, since designing a mascot is an art in itself and it is quite different from traditional tailoring! For us, that said, it's a piece of cake!

Here's how we do it: Primeau, tell us what you want. Deuxio, we realize it! THERE IS!

When it comes to mascot design, the possibilities are endless. No matter what style or design you have in mind, whether it's inspired by cartoons, figurines or animals, we can make it happen! Anything you can imagine as a costume concept, we can make it come true! Literally EVERYTHING! All you have to do is tell us what you want or send us a photo to start the process! You are now only one order away from your dream mascot, which will be delivered to your doorstep quickly. The process is easy and you can START NOW! Let us help you create your perfect parties, birthdays, cool marketing tool, and fun events! We guarantee that we only use the best materials when making our costumes and all this, for the best price on the market!

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