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Why to purchase a mascot?

Why to purchase a mascot?

As you have seen, at SpotSound, we are no longer renting for individuals and we have diversified towards the sale of mascots and festive accessories accessible to all!

We wanted to write an article about their attractiveness. Why buy and use a mascot?

The mascots are powerful and persuasive, which is why so many companies use them but also any other body: BDE, association, sports club etc .... Having a mascot to represent you in front of the public can have several advantages:

1. Attract attention. People are constantly bombarded with messages and not the time or opportunity to see all the normal signals that an advertiser could send. The mascot takes the problem upside down and helps to attract attention, eyes, etc. on those. So people are more likely to stop and listen to what they have to say and deliver a message more effectively.

2. Increase his notoriety. A good mascot is outstanding. If an attractive mascot can make its way into the public consciousness, it will become an instantly recognizable symbol for a product. When you look at the Geico gecko you immediately think of Geico. The company logo is hidden but the mascot says it all.

3. Give a nice picture. The mascots are fun to watch and send a positive message. A friendly character can instantly create a positive connection with your potential customers. It's a lot harder to do with just one logo.

4. Bring together. A good mascot can appeal to a wide range of people, across many age groups and backgrounds. Mascots are just as appealing to children as adults and your message can reach a wide audience. A mascot can even transcend languages ​​and cultures.

5. Lucrative business opportunities. If a mascot becomes popular, it opens the door to all sorts of profitable merchandise (clothes, toys, etc.) that can make you money. The maker of M & M, has opened an entire M & M retail store in New York, largely thanks to the popularity of their cartoon mascots.

If you think a mascot might be the right choice for you or for a customer, contact us and ask for a quote. [email protected] We have more than 9000 models in stock and we have opened an online mascot simulator to help you create your own mascot, with no half measure!