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Votre mascotte personnalisée

A new fashion, mascots!

A new fashion, mascots!

A new fashion, mascots!

Fashion always attracts new interesting trends and mascots are one of them. They are becoming more and more interesting day by day as they attract sales and customers. It is almost a fashion to have a mascot that represents his personality and essence. The fact is that ... .Have you chosen yours? What are you waiting for? This caricature version of you or your alter ego, this identity buried in you who dreams of seeing the day? Your favorite cartoon, the one you found most impressive in your youth? Or your little girl who loves cupcakes? Do not you want to surprise her by being a cupcake for her birthday? ORDER NOW

It's never too late to make a loved one's birthday unique. We will help you design the coolest and most interesting costumes for your child's birthday. He can boast for years to come!

For the kind of parties mentioned above, you must contact us. We also have a multitude of accessories available to decorate everything. We guarantee the products we deliver in terms of size, color and design. In order to be eligible for additional discounts and above all, free shipping, please register.